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Customer Experience Manager MEGA Dybenko

Vsevolozjsk, Leningradskaya Oblast’ - Ontdek meer over deze locatie Marketing & Communicatie Fulltime

Vacature omschrijving


• Business understanding and a background from working in a customer focused, fast-paced and multichannel environment.
• Experienced in creating and implementing mid-term tactical plans and following up goals.
• Proven customer-focused mind-set.
• Assertive with the ability to influence through the use of customer insight.
• Self-reliant and motivated with a proven ability to work as part of a team as well as independently.
• Experience in problem-solving and conflict-management.
• Management position experience in a people-centric organisation, and ability to lead in a changing environment.
• Proven Project management skills
• Motivated by teamwork, solving challenges, taking ownership and responsibility for making things happen
• Motivated by being a part of something big => a change that influences people for the better (something big and humanistic)
• Motivated by inspiring others, sharing your business idea and making others follow you, guiding others and creating a team in order to achieve one purpose for common success
• Fluent in English and local language


• Creates, owns and manages the Customer experience Program for the Meeting Place. Supports the new business opportunities and income streams as well as developing the communication with our customers.
• Identifies and defines local customer groups and their customer journey including touchpoints before, during and after the visit (on-line and off-line).
• Provides outstanding customer services together with partners and communities in order to make the customer journey convenient and relevant. Defines, implement and innovates new customer services to enhance convenience and enjoyable experiences (ex. relevant delivery service, loyalty programs, information services etc.) and ensures that basics are in place.
• Together with Meeting Place Manager define commercials goals, marketing strategy and budgeting process. Create, sustain and work with the commercial calendar in order to drive brand/loyalty programs and on line-community via social media.
• Monitors and analyses performance and customer interaction level with customer touchpoints. Find potential areas for improvements of both customer satisfaction and income. Puts both the offline customer feedbacks (through Info desk, MP staff) and online customer reviews (social media, researches) into action to improve the Meeting Place performance. Regularly carry out local market research.
• Actively works on localizing the uniqueness of the Meeting place through MP touch points (both off-line and on-line) and ensures consistency from the Customer experience perspective. Ensures the total ambience of the MP (atmosphere, music, lighting, visually).
• Implement a Loyalty Program, rewarding community members for being active in the relations with the Meeting Place.
• Plan, Create and integrate promotion of events/campaign/marketing activities into all medias, including promotion via digital tools, ATL, PR support. Follow up on marketing operations. Manage and update website and social Medias. Communicate and cooperate with local agencies.
• Drive and develops the Customer experience competence within the Meeting Place (including own team, tenants, contractors, partners) using best practices, training programs and other relevant methods, and ensure our customers are engaged into the quick prototyping of the new ideas and concepts.
• Contribute to engage with our customers to improve the sustainability performance of the Meeting place (including fit out, operations and community engagement), communicate the vision and benefits of our sustainability agenda. Contribute to encourage partners to inspire & enable our visitors to lead more healthy and sustainable lifestyles.
• Be responsible for the cost part of MP P&L in his/her area of responsibility, drives costs Budget/Estimation planning process and follow-up in close cooperation with relevant Domains and SO Business Navigation, secures on budget execution of activities and investments under his/her scope


• The Customer Experience Manager drives the development of customer experience to support the Meeting Places.
• Enable the Meeting Place to provide enjoyable, memorable and personalized customer experiences before during and after the visit, both online and offline