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Software Engineer(Full-stack)

Shanghai, China - Ontdek meer over deze locatie Automatisering & IT Beheer Fulltime

Vacature omschrijving


'- Skilled in front-end technologies, such as Javascript (Jquery/Vue.js), HTML4/5 (Desktop/mobile web page), CSS2/3 (Less/Sass)
- Skilled in back-end technologies, such as Java, springboot
- Familiar with middleware as MQ/MemoryCache/Redis
- Familiar with RDBMS, NoSQL such as MSSQL/MySQL/Oracle/PostgreSQL, mongodb
- Familiar in architecture design, such as solution architecture design, IT architecture design
- Familiar with restful and micro-service design
- Familiar with operate virtual machine/cloud system such as *nux OS, docker, serverless container
- Familiar with git/svn
- Basic knowledge of infrastructure
- Basic ability of web page design
- Familiar with python2/3 will be a plus
- Familiar with Golang will be a plus


'- Deliver end-to-end application prototype
- Support define system requirements
- Support define system architecture


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