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Project Portfolio Leader – Group Expansion, Ingka Group

Malmö, Skåne County - Ontdek meer over deze locatie Expansion Fulltime

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We see that you have strong knowledge of project management with deep understanding of project methods, tools and key project steering mechanisms as well as all aspects of project governance.

You have a strong knowledge of Ingka Group strategies, priorities and the strategic expansion planning process and come with the knowledge of how to create and implement change in project methods and steering connected to the INGKA global expansion portfolio. You have a good understanding of how the Portfolio process support Expansion starting with creating the strategic expansion plan and active portfolio management, supporting the projects as they are executed and finally ensuring that all follow-ups are in place before projects close.

As a person, you get energized by driving business growth and contributing to overall success and results through collaboration. We believe that you are someone with a strong drive and an analytical mind-set who is used to work on a holistic level but with the ability to deep dive into a specific topic; to measure, analyse and draw conclusions that will create benefits to the complete INGKA expansion portfolio.


In the role as Project Portfolio Leader you are responsible to forecast and steer the expansion plan, assess the performance of all operating units in INGKA and measure projects performance and follow-ups. You understand INGKA expansion project key success criteria’s and make sure that those are steering our portfolio.

Your responsibilities will also include, but not be limited to;

• Ensure Expansion portfolio is up to date managing all Expansion portfolio contributors meaning INGKA countries, CFF, Centres, ISAG, INGKA Investments and Core Business Franchise (CBF) managing both financial, operational, scoping, progress and governance aspects of all expansion projects.
• Take lead in Active Portfolio Management (APM) process – monitoring and assessing all INGKA assets both individually but also in the market/area/city context to ensure that the INGKA markets reach their full potential creating the foundation for the reinvestment plan.
• Analyse, quantify and make improvements connected to INGKA expansion project processes, portfolio processes, APM process and Expansion project follow-up process into process work group and steering group.
• Make sure INGKA expansion plan year cycle is clearly communicated and all relevant plan creation stakeholders are properly trained to create, submit and maintain the INGKA strategic expansion plan (ISEP). Coach INGKA countries to contribute to ISEP creation by analysing APM data together with Centre of Expertise; proactively suggesting actions in the ISEP based on market potential and the APM assessment.
• Working actively with Expansion stakeholder organisations to forecast expansion project execution predicting locations, project types and workload patterns for each project adding up to ONE total INGKA capacity need plan.
• Work actively to develop the digital tools set connected to expansion processes, training users, managing user improvement proposals as well as stakeholder inputs on both tools and reports leading to a expansion digital roadmap.
• Take lead in working across functions within Ingka Group and collaborate with other IKEA units outside.

This role is located in Malmö and will report to Project Portfolio Manager.


With the customer at the heart of everything we do, Group Expansion takes responsibility for strategic expansion planning enabling penetration of existing and new markets. We take the lead for business development of existing and new customer meeting points. We act on business needs and empower the markets to maximise accessibility, implement our retailing concepts and fully utilise our assets in the new world of IKEA – all at lowest cost, with economy of scale and sustained profitability.


If you have any questions related to the role, please reach out to the Hiring Manager Fredrik Johansson at fredrik.johansson15@ingka.ikea.com. If you have questions regarding the recruitment process, please feel free to contact the Recruiter Ami Ka-Ling Hui at ami.hui@ingka.ikea.com.

We look forward to receiving your application in English as soon as possible, but please no later than the 19th September 2021. Please note that we will be reviewing applications on a continuous basis.

Warmly welcome with your application!